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AGP2 CDSF Oromia Regional Offi...

AGP2 CDSF Oromia Regional Office conducted a three-days training on e-learning and iSpring application to MFDP participants

AGP2 CDSF Oromia Regional Office conducted a three-days training on e-learning and iSpring application to MFDP participants for three days on 9-11/12/2020, at Adama town. Fifteen (15) MFDP graduates (4 females) attended the training. The purpose of this training was to equip the MFDP graduates with the knowledge and skill of preparing e-learning materials, as […]

Refresher Training Focuses on ...

Refresher Training Focuses on Engaging Rural Women

The National Capacity Development Support Facility (CDSF) in collaboration with its SNNPR regional office conducted training on the Women Empowerment Manual (WEM) and refresher training on the Gender Toolkit (GTK), Common Interest Group Business Guide Book (CIG BGB) and Nutrition in Shashemene town from November 23 – 25/2020 (three days). Participants were drawn from the […]

Gender Model Families (GMF) Re...

On January 3, 2020 in Gumer Woreda, 10 families were recognized for their achievement in becoming Gender Model Families and another 14 follower families were also recognized for their work. Organized by the Woreda in collaboration with Gurage Zone, the Gender Unit of the Regional Agriculture and Natural Resource Development and the second Agricultural Growth […]

CDSF SNNP Regional Office cond...

Recently, the AGP2-CDSF SNNP Regional office, in collaboration with CANAG and RAGP CU, held a three day training session for participants nominated from the three CANAG woredas and 6 kebeles. The 25 participants were nearly 50% female and included 6 woreda experts, 10 kebele Development Agents (DA), 8 Health Extension workers and one regional CANAG […]

AGP2 Capacity Development Support Facility

The Capacity Development Support Facility (CDSF) is a 5-year initiative funded through a bilateral agreement between the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC). CDSF supports the second phase of the Government’s Agricultural Growth Program (AGP2). The AGP2 development objective is to increase agricultural productivity and commercialization of smallholder farmers. It also aims at contributing to dietary diversity and consumption, poverty reduction, and climate change adaptation. These development objectives are clearly in line with the second phase of the national Growth Transformation Plan.

Capacity to implement AGP2 and manage activities efficiently and effectively is of paramount importance to the Government of Ethiopia and its development partners. CDSF provides support to enhance implementation of AGP2 to improve the quality of capacity development interventions, and strengthen the institutional capacity of government ministries, directorates, regional agricultural bureaus, zonal and woreda offices, and implementing agencies. CDSF addresses capacity development gaps within AGP2 structures, systems and processes.