Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Support to AGP 2

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) is one of the cross-cutting issues in the Second Agricultural Growth Project (AGP2). With regards to nutrition sensitive agriculture, CDSF is working with the Federal Program Coordination Unit, Regional Coordination Units and implementing agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to implement nutrition dimensions of the AGP2 project and to build the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to deliver on the strategic objectives of the Second National Nutrition Program (NNP2) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) Strategy to ensure sustainable household food security and contribute to efforts of overcoming malnutrition challenges that Ethiopia is facing.

CDSF’s capacity development support includes comprehensive NSA training delivered for federal and regional AGP key implementing agencies. The focus of CDSF capacity development is on the three pathways of NSA and how the agriculture sector mainstreams NSA into their existing extension system. Key nutrition activities CDSF provides includes supporting implementing agencies and other development partners to train Woreda agricultural extension workers about how lead farmers and other community-based organizations and groups can demonstrate homestead gardening which encourages women farmers (in particular) to adopt homestead gardening for economic benefit and to promote proper nutrition within families.

CDSF also works on promoting NSA technologies to enhance their effective implementation by AGP. CDSF support is also supplemented by a job-embedded support and systematic awareness creation on NSA through social and behavioral change communication (SBCC). As a part of this support, CDSF collaborated with AGP Regional Coordination Units and Digital Green to produce nutrition advocacy materials (e.g. videos) on agricultural best practices in Tigray, Amhara, Oromia regions and Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region( SNNPR) to promote women-focused Common Interest Groups (CIG) and women agribusiness groups which are performing very well in their businesses. The purpose of producing the advocacy materials was to identify women-focused CIGs or groups which are applying best practices and successfully managing informal businesses. The videos produced are intended to be used to train women and men farmers at the Farmer Training Centers and community level.

CDSF works closely with other projects and development partners (e.g., European Union, Food and Agriculture Organization), locally-based NGOs and nutrition stakeholders (e.g., Feed the Future Ethiopia – Value Chain Activity, Growth Through Nutrition Activity, Sustainable Undernutrition Reduction in Ethiopia (SURE) project, Small-scale and Micro Irrigation Support (SMIS), Digital Green and Capacity building for Scaling-up of evidence-based best practices in Agricultural Production in  Ethiopia (CASCAPE).