Gender Responsive Capacity Development Support for AGP2

The Second Agricultural Growth Project (AGP2) is a complex program involving government ministries, directorates, regional bureaus, zonal and woreda offices, and implementing agencies that requires commitment and collaboration to mainstream gender at all levels. “The goal for AGP-CDSF project’s gender-responsive capacity development is to provide support and technical inputs to enable achievement of gender-related objectives of AGP2.

AGP2 CDSF’s capacity development support for effective gender mainstreaming outcomes concentrate on strengthening how gender issues are addressed within AGP’s structures, systems, and processes. Support for gender mainstreaming is involving activities such as supporting the integration of gender mainstreaming toolkits, guidelines, development of tools and checklists, and developing gender-responsive training programs that are focusing on building leadership, planning, budgeting, management and monitoring and evaluation skills.

Generally, CDSF’s gender mainstreaming support for AGP involves:

  • gender Toolkit Development for non-gender experts
  • capacity development on business development skills for Common Interest Groups supporting implementing agency staff
  • use of gender-responsive training, mentoring and job-embedded support approaches
  • knowledge products to use gender-inclusive language, symbolism, and examples
  • leadership training and Technical Committee strengthening to include modules of leadership on cross-cutting issues and checklists for Technical Committees to actively monitor cross-cutting issues
  • training materials to include modules on gender-responsive planning and, budgeting
  • support to AGP for scaling up agricultural technologies to consider gender the needs and experiences of women farmers in Female-Headed Households and Male Headed Households

To provide systematic capacity development support in mainstreaming gender for AGP implementing agencies at all levels, CDSF is working closely with federal AGP Program Coordination Unit, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and Ethiopia Institute of Agricultural Research and at federal level and regional AGP Coordination Units, Regional Agricultural Bureaus, Regional Agricultural Research Institutes and other regional implementing agencies.