Climate Smart Agriculture

The AGP program development objective is to increase agricultural productivity and commercialization of smallholder farmers targeted by the program and contributes to dietary diversity and consumption at the household level. The project also contributes to higher level objectives of poverty reduction and climate change mitigation and adaptation through supported climate-smart agriculture (CSA) initiatives. The goal for AGP CDSF project’s climate-smart agriculture capacity development is to provide support to climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives of AGP2.

AGP2 CDSF’s capacity development support for effective climate change mitigation and adaptation outcomes focuses on strengthening how CSA initiatives are addressed within AGP’s structures, systems, and processes. Support for climate change mitigation and adaptation involve activities such as determining operational definitions for cross-cutting issues related to gender-sensitive agricultural technologies, nutrition-sensitive agricultural technologies, and CSA technologies. CSA support includes activities such as integration of CSA guidelines that focus on planning, agricultural extension, budgeting, management, and monitoring and evaluation.

CDSF’s climate-smart agriculture support for AGP involves:

  • determination of CSA operation definitions
  • identification of CSA technologies and best practices
  • coordinated CSA job-embedded support for AGP2
  • discussions on AGP2 climate-smart agriculture policy and practice for alignment with Government of Ethiopia Climate-Resilient Green Economy strategy.

CDSF works closely with federal AGP Program Coordination Unit, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Ethiopia Institute of Agricultural Research; federal and regional AGP Coordination Units, regional agricultural bureaus, regional agricultural research institutes, and other implementing agencies.