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CDSF conducts NSA mainstreaming training in collaboration with FNCO and Save the Children International

CDSF, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) Food and Nutrition Coordination Office (FNCO) and Save the Children International, organized a 4-day (April 11 – 14, 2019) nutrition-sensitive agriculture (NSA) mainstreaming training event in Bishoftu. Forty-two staff (28 men and 14 women) were drawn from different MoA directorates and departments.

The main objective of the training was to develop the technical capacity of FNCO and Implementation Agencies (IA) experts. It is believed that the training will enable the participants to become expert facilitators who will provide effective Training of Trainings (ToTs) to mainstream nutrition in the agriculture sector.

FNCO, in collaboration with Save the Children, facilitated the training on the first two days. The topics that were covered included: Basics of Human Nutrition, Agriculture Nutrition Linkages, Animal Source, Plant-Based Food Safety Handling, and Post-Harvest Handling. During the following two days, CDSF covered sessions on Strengthening Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages, Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathways, Gender and Nutrition and Behavior Change, Concepts for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and Planning Consideration to Mainstream NSA through the IAs’ structures.

Alem Hadera, CDSF National Senior Nutrition Consultant, and Girma Tekalign, CDSF Regional Capacity Development Specialist co-facilitated the training during the last two days using adult learning approach and principles.

Head of the FNCO, Alemtsehay Sergawi, made the closing remarks. She thanked CDSF and Save the Children for supporting what she described as very useful training. She also appreciated the participants for their active involvement and asked them to come up with areas of potential collaboration and support that they may need from her office. Participants said they were keen to work with FNCO.

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