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CDSF conducts Homestead Gardening ToT in Amhara Region

CDSF conducted a Training of Trainers (ToT) on Homestead Gardening from June 04-07, 2018 in Amhara Region, Woreta town. Twenty-three participants (3 women) drawn from Regional Bureau of Agriculture and Livestock Agency, as well as their respective six AGP 2 zonal departments, attended the training. The participants are nutrition experts and focal person in the institutions. Ato Aytenew, Deputy Head of Amhara Bureau of Agriculture opened the training session. Dr. Yigzaw Dessalegn, a horticulture consultant facilitated the ToT.

The ToT included topics such as Basics of Nutrition, Basics of Home Gardening, Techniques of Establishing Productive Homestead Gardening, Fruit Crops Propagation, Production & Postharvest Handling, Vegetables Propagation, and Production & Postharvest Handling. The ToT included both classroom learning and field practice.

On the 3rd day of the training, participants practiced different home gardening activities such as Parma gardening, keyhole gardening and trench gardening. Participants also observed plant grafting at Woramit Horticulture Research Centre and exercised garden planning in the backyard of a farming household.

At the end of the ToT, participants set a plan for implementation of home gardening activities. The plan includes: sharing the plan itself, the lessons and the training materials with leaders and other experts, and cascading the training to woredas and kebeles. The plan also included demonstrating homestead gardening at Farmer Training Centers (FTCs) and model farmers’ gardens. Job Embedded Support, Monitoring & Evaluation and reporting on performances were part of the plan.

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