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Amhara Region CDSF conducts Extension and Agronomic ToT on HB-1307 Food Barley

The Amhara Region CDSF conducted a Training of Trainers (ToT) on HB-1307 food barley in Gondar City from April 25-28, 2018. Thirty participants (five women) drawn from Extension and Crop directorates, AGP 2 woredas, regional BoA Extension and Crop directorates, CASCAPE, Amhara Region Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI) as well as regional and zonal CDSF participated in the ToT.

The ToT included extension models, methods and approaches that are part of the Ethiopian agricultural extension strategy; various agronomic topics, marketing and crosscutting considerations on HB-1307 food barely value chain. Of particular interest to participants was the ‘Butterfly Schematic Model’ that shows key actors within the Ethiopian Extension system, and their roles and responsibilities.

During the session, target AGP 2 woredas planned the next HB-1307 food barley scaling-up activities. These included building consensus among woreda leaders through training delivery, preparing sites, facilitating input supply and requesting improved seed from BoA for 2011 scaling-up, as well follow up activities to assess the scaling up performance.

CDSF National Capacity Development Specialist, Tadele Akalu, CDSF International Agricultural Extension Adviser, Lynda Nicholls, Worku Awudie, an agronomist from Bureau of Agriculture, Abebe Worku, an agronomist from CASCAPE and Gashawtena Belay, Amhara Region CDSF Capacity Development Specialist co-facilitated the ToT.

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