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CDSF Oromia Regional Office conducts Module Two COP workshop

CDSF Oromia Regional Office conducted Module Two Community of Practice (COP) regional workshop in Adama city on March 10, 2018. The main purpose of the workshop was to report on the COP’s efforts to accomplish the assignments given to participants during the Module Two Master Facilitators Development Program (MFDP) training held from December 6 to 9,,2017.


Thirty-four participants (five women) drawn from AGP Implementing partners and participants of   Module II MFDP training took part in the workshop.

In his opening speech, Ato Dechasa Dugasa, Oromia Agricultural Growth Program II (AGPII) Coordinator emphasized the importance of providing consecutive MFDP trainings for the success of AGP II. He urged participants to strictly follow the trainings and share information with the COP in their respective so as to apply the knowledge and skills gained from the trainings.  Ato Dechasa also acknowledged the support given by CDSF vowed to support the trainees to fulfill their requirements for Module II.


Following the opening remark, six COPs; namely, the AGP II COP, Agricultural Extension COP, Environment COP, Cooperative Development COP, Livestock Development COP and Agricultural Research COP gave presentations based on their respective domain. After each presentation, thorough discussions were held on the learning gained in the process.  MFDP trainees from Land Use and Administration Bureau shared their experiences on how they applied what has been learned from Capacity Development trainings provided for implementing partners’ staffs.

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