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CDSF conducts General M&E Skills Training

CDSF, in collaboration with Federal AGP2 Program Coordination Unit and the World Bank, organized a five-day (December 1-5, 2017) General Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Skills training for Federal and Regional M&E specialists in Adama City. Thirty-three participants (two female) who were represented from Federal and Regional AGP, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR), and Bureaus of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock and Fishery (MOLF) as well as research institutes participated in the training.

The training was co-facilitated by Robin D’Arcy, CDSF International M&E Advisor, Ingrid Mollard, World Bank Senior M&E Consultant, Temesgen Workayehu, CDSF National M&E Specialist and Mintesnot Kasa, CDSF National KM and Communication Specialist.

On the third day of the training, participant developed semi-structured interview tools and conducted interviews with members of a Farmers Training Centre (FTC) management and Irrigation water users’ association committee members at an FTC in Lome Woreda, some 13 kilometers away from Adama town

During the wrap-up and closure sessions, participants said the training was very relevant and would help them to improve some of the shortcomings observed in qualitative data collection, data management and analysis, supervision and case and success story writing.

Participants conducting interviews

Participants conducting interviews

The purpose of the training was to enhance participants’ M&E skills so that they would be able to make positive contributions to AGP’s M&E data management and reporting system.

CDSF Project Field Manager Jim Hamilton thanked AGP Federal PCU Coordinator Ato Keberu Belayneh and World Bank Task Team Leader Vikas Choudhary for their contributions in organizing and supporting this important workshop.

Ato Keberu hands over certificate to participants

Ato Keberu hands over certificate to participants

In his opening remarks, Ato Keberu described M&E as “…very important to check performance and take remedial action for the better achievement of program objectives.” He further said that AGP2 has experienced some limitations in its effective use of M&E systems and reporting and cited the general M&E skills training as part of an effort to improve these shortcomings

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