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SNNPRS AGP2-RPCU Cascades Capacity Development Guideline Training

The Second Agricultural Growth Program (AGP2) SNNPRS Program Coordination Unit (PCU), in collaboration with AGP2 Capacity Development Support Facility (CDSF), conducted capacity development guideline training for Zonal and Woreda level AGP implementing agencies from November 20-22, 2017 at the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) College in Wolita Sodo town. One hundred twenty-five participants (two female) drawn from ten zones and 35 woreda-level implementing agencies participated in the training. AGP2 focal persons and zonal Capacity Development Officers also attended the training.
Cascades Capacity Development Guideline Training

The training was offered in three different training rooms to reduce the number of participants and effectively apply adult learning principles. The training was delivered and facilitated by AGP2 Regional PCU experts, CD specialists and CDSF regional team leaders, all of whom had previously attended MFDP Module One and Module Two Training-of-Trainers events.

The training focused on basic concepts of human capacity, capacity development, capacity building, the four-stage AGP2 capacity development framework, adult learning principles, and experiential learning.

In her closing remarks, BoANR Office Head W/ro Amriya Sirage, described the training as providing a solid basis for designing and developing effective capacity development activities for AGP2. She further said that the training addresses major problems that existed in AGP1 such as absence of capacity development guidelines and urged participants to roll out the training to the remaining Woreda experts and Kebele Development Agents.

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